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Pre-set Questions Tutorial

Clicking on one of the five preset categories in the left-hand menu (Infringement, Internet Demography, Spending, Digital Generation, Other) will open a selection pane allowing you to select certain pre-selected questions in the OMeBa tool, with certain filters pre-applied.

1. For this tutorial we will be using the "Film Infringement - All Illegal or Legal?" pre-set as an example. Which can be found in the "Infringement" section.

2. This loads the main OMeBa Tool with wave 5 open and question qb4_7_pro_b2 (Proportion - Total films downloaded or streamed legally in the last 3 months (Including paid illegal)) pre-selected in the right-hand pane. Click the graph icon in the icon-bar on the left of the tool to interrogate this question.

3. This loads the graphing panel with the 'Selected fields' tab open.

4. From here you can hover over the stacked bar in the graph within the panel to view details about the individual answers to the questions, including the proportion of all answers that answer represents within the selected question

5. To compare data from all waves for the selected question we can click on the "Field Comparison" tab, and then clickin on the question in the filters panel that opens up to the right (Documentation on filters are linked to from the main Help and Documentation page.)

6. To view these data on a graph based on their weighted average, now select the "Field Evolution" tab.

7. To view the original field values plotted instead, click on the 'Field Values' tab highlighted.

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